Tash Wesp, felting artist
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YouTube video Video! Andrew of The Green Economy visits with Tash Wesp,
a green clothing designer, to look at her new line.
Feb 2011

About Tash Wesp, Felting Artist

Artist Statement

I create "nuno" felt which combines fine silk, cotton voile and hand-dyed raw wool. Using just soap and water and agitation, the wool fleece migrates through the fabric to become one seamless piece of clothing – a hat, a bag, a scarf, a vest, as examples.

I have been in the Arts starting at an early age when I performed with a small one-ring Circus in San Francisco. From the Pickle Family Circus, I developed a one-woman show and performed from the streets to the stage throughout America and then Europe. Work brought me to a small coastal town in Oregon where I started a family. I created a hat based on my character from my show, thus my desire to learn to felt.

Now as a studio fiber artist, I put my love of mayhem, fun and frolic into my work. I'm constantly thinking of new patterns, and reinventing and improving on old techniques. Through trial and error and my love of color, I go down many paths, continually experimenting with my designs. Working wool into wonderful, beautiful, solid felted shapes is my passion.
Tash Wesp


Tash Wesp

  • Sun Valley Art Festival, ID, 2012
  • "Felt Spaces" Art Institute, Portland, OR Feb 2011
  • "Local 14 Art Show" Forestry Center, Portland, OR Oct 2010
  • "Still Point Women's Festival", Eugene, OR Aug 2010
  • Oregon Country Fair, Eugene, OR (yearly) 2005 - present
  • Shaniko Wool Gathering, Sept 2009
  • CINCH Sacramento, CA Sept 2008
  • Toledo Art Walk, OR Aug 2008
  • Felt Fashion Show-Briseneo Gallery, Mar 2008
  • Surface Design Association
  • Art In the Pearl, Portland OR 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012
  • "Cloth of Many Colors" Klamath Art Gallery, OR Aug 2007
  • 9th Street Gallery Newport, OR 2007
  • Triad Gallery, Seal Rock, OR Dec 2006
  • "Felt Work" Up Stairs Gallery Newport, OR Jan 2006
  • TouchStone Gallery Yachats, OR 2003-2005
  • Runyon Gallery Show Newport, OR 2002-2003
  • "Flim, Flam, Felting" One Woman Show 2001
  • Visual Arts Center Newport, OR
  • Cosmos Art Gallery Newport, OR 1996

"Felting is an endless fascination and delight. The medium is such that I can't copy myself even though I try."

– Tash Wesp